In preparation for my shop update here’s some tips that will help you snag that piece!

~Create an account on Shopify! By creating an account this will help with checking out quickly and easily since all your info. will already saved for you.

~Placing an item in your cart doesn’t mean it yours just yet! It can still be purchased by another customer until you process the payment for it, so make sure you check out as soon as you can! 

~A preview will be available before the update goes live to let you see what will be be available.

~I will close my website about an hour before the update to to finalize listings and once it’s time I will make it live and you’ll be able to go in and purchase! 

~Word on the street is that Apple Pay & Paypal are the quickest payment options.

~My shop updates will always be in AST (Atlantic Standard Time) timezone, so make sure you are ready for the proper time whatever timezone you're in!


Shipping info

~If you live in Dartmouth NS, please choose the “local pick-up” as your shipping option! 

~After you place your order please note that it takes up to 5-7 days to process, pack, and ship out an order. You will receive a message & tracking  number once when your item is shipped.

And that's it! 

Can't wait to share more work with you!