Frequently Asked Questions


Why can’t I see anything in your shop?

That means I don't have any product available! I aim to do 1-2 updates per month,  and that's when you will have the chance to purchase an item. I always let my followers know at least a week in advance the set date and time of my updates. Turn on your post notifications for @thebitterblonde on instagram to stay in the loop of when those may be!


Everything went so fast, did it all sell out? 

 Things tend to sell out quickly! Usually in about 2-5 minutes, depending on how much product is in the update. Each update will have roughly 50-80 mugs available.


I went to go check-out and my mug was gone!

Gosh, I hate when that happens :( nothing is secured until you purchase it, so don’t hesitate when you've found the one. I suggest creating a shopify account before my updates so that your information is already saved and you don't have to frantically search up what your postal code is *again.* Don’t be shy, go create your shopify account and hopefully that will make things easier for next time. 


 How can I get my hands on one of your mugs? 

 If you’re reading this, I have faith one day you will. Currently I am only selling online through my monthly shop updates and I am not taking any pre-orders or custom work. But until then, make sure you follow me on Instagram and turn on your post notifications on my page to be the first to hear about my updates! 


Do you ship?

As long as you’re in North America, yes! Once you place your order, it takes roughly a week to be processed. Once it's shipped you'll get an email with your tracking info. *Please be sure to double check your address at the check-out to be sure it's the correct and current address*


Do you sell anywhere else than online?

 I'm just selling online for now. Hoping to have some work in local shops in the near future. 


 Do you do custom mugs/orders?

I am not taking any pre-orders or custom work.  I may consider opening up custom orders if I see fit but in the meantime please no inquires. If or when I do decide to open up custom orders I will be sure let everyone know through my website & Instagram. Thank you :) 


I sent you a DM, but I haven’t heard back from you...

Sorry about that! Dms are tricky, I often miss them coming in while I’m making/creating and they get lost into the IG abyss. It’s much easier for me to keep track of things if you send me an email at


 I live in PEI, do you have a local pick-up option/ I paid for shipping but I live locally?

  Hey neighbour, yes I do! Use CODE: local pick-up at cash. My studio is located in Charlottetown on Kent St. The exact address will be given after purchasing.